Youtube Monetization New Rules

Youtube Monetization New Rules
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When every online platform starts, they give a lot of discount to the general customer and when they minimize a quality monitor they think that they have become a sufficient user, they pay attention to the high quality and make difficult new rules for the newers, so that the new If someone wants to come, he will have to be skilled!

The first thing on the YouTube channel was that it could be used on the lookout. In 2017, YouTube made a new roll, that is, if you have 10 thousand viewings on your YouTube channel, then you can be able to turn on the look. Many of them promoted this view by purchasing the views and completing the 10 thousand views and making the custom. But recently, in the year 2018, YouTube has given a very difficult condition to do the look-up, the number is – for at least 4 thousand hours (not view) in the last 12 months, your video must be watched and at least 1 thousand subscribers! Then you can turn on the menetization

This has become very difficult for beginners, because most of the new channels will be difficult to subscribe 1000 times in the first 12 month view. 10 thousand viewers were difficult for the beginner, which could have managed in some way, but now there is no price of views.

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