How much money do you get for 1000 views from Youtube?

How much money do you get for 1000 views from Youtube?
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This is useful because a written article or video may contain more information and users prefer to read / view it. Businesses are willing to pay high-dollar advertisers with content, including YouTube creators, to promote their product.

How much do they really do? First, let’s see how many companies they pay for product advertising and, secondly, how much YouTube pays them for advertising.

How much you pay creators for advertising your product. Of course, this varies greatly depending on your YouTube audience and marketing goals. In general, YouTubers charge approximately $ 10,000 per 100,000 page views. It’s hard to predict how many views your own video will receive. So that’s the risk the advertiser carries.

How much YouTube will charge YouTubers for the ad. As soon as YouTuber links Google AdSense to their channel, they get 68% of ad revenue (see Google AdSense revenue share). YouTube advertises advertisers when viewers see 30 seconds or more ads, and typically costs around $ 0.18 per view (see “How many ads are on YouTube”). Only about 15% of viewers are considered “paid viewpoints” as many of them are missing.

So if you have 1000 views in your video and 15% actually see the ad, you get 150 paid views. At a price of $ 0.18 per view, this is $ 27 that goes to the advertiser. As content creator, you get 68% of it, giving you an average of about $ 18 per 1000 views.


1,000 views -> 150 views of people filling an ad

$ 0.18 per view x 150 views = $ 27 calculated for the advertiser

Advertiser fees of 27 x 68% Equity = $ 18 for 1000 Views

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