How does Youtube count a view?

How does Youtube count a view?
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YouTube videos show how many times a video has been watched. This can be an important measure of the popularity of a video. They want to make sure the videos are viewed by actual people rather than computer programs. For the first two hours after the video is published, only opinions that Their systems believe to be valid will be displayed. At this time, not all legitimate views may be displayed.

Once quality checks have been taken into account, the count updates are checked more frequently. The integration of all types of quality can take some time depending on the popularity and reputation of the video. The number of views is then updated more frequently. Note, however, that They are constantly reviewing the views, so the view counter can always be customized.
Number of frozen views

In some videos, the number of views may be frozen or not all expected views may be displayed. Video views are algorithmically validated to provide a fair and positive experience for content creators, advertisers, and users. To make sure the views are real and accurate, YouTube can temporarily slow down, freeze or adjust the number of views, and deny poor quality.
View views with YouTube Analytics

When you watch the uploaded video, you can use YouTube Analytics to track your views more closely. Note, however, that the real-time report only displays estimates of potential viewing activity and may not match the number displayed on the viewing page.

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