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Is it illegal to buy YouTube views?

Is it illegal to buy YouTube views?

No of course not. No one has ever been prosecuted for acquiring views, and there is no law against him (wherever). If this were the case, you would not have to write a report on the facts of the industry. Although this does not violate the law, it does not comply with the YouTube Terms of Service. You should therefore be careful when doing so.
YouTube Guidelines for Buying Views

YouTube’s policy violates the YouTube Terms of Service for each user. This is called Viewcount Gaming.

This is in conflict with YouTube’s rules that are designed to encourage other users to watch your videos. This happens, for example, when webmasters place fraudulent layouts on third-party websites.

YouTube also states that the site is displayed incorrectly with one click in the middle of the video. YouTube finds this attractive for viewers.

However, this has been done on several occasions: YouTube has become an almost content-centric video rating / punishment system for its competitors – oops. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to record a video. When YouTube detects Viewcount games, they can delete purchased views. However, the video will not be deleted if it does not violate the YouTube Content Terms.
Why do people do that?

Why do people do that? Although this is a risky tactic, it offers several benefits. First of all, buying views helps to film your video. On YouTube, no user would like to be the first to test a video with a zero ad, if you have not yet created strong tracking for your channel. Therefore, it is very difficult to get the first views for a new video, but it is important for the success of the video. When you buy presentations, you give your video that critical impulse and give it the first impetus to gain organic views.

The second reason why many YouTubers buy opinions is because of something known as social evidence that occurs when one person is influenced by the perceptions or actions of others. For example, if you went down the street and stopped, you will most likely do the same thing. It is something that is deeply rooted in the human psyche. Buy buying views in this psychological driver. If your video has a high number of views, it shows that other users find the video interesting and of high quality. As a result, more people want to see the video.
How to effectively buy styles

You can not forget that this can be a risky tactic. If you decide to buy opinions, be careful. The truth is that many creators really buy opinions, and there are companies that work under the YouTube policy. This is our main driver in ViewsReviews: So that you can differentiate yourself better.

Good suppliers want to ensure consistency and disseminate views that are barely distinguishable from real, organic views. However, if you buy views from a poor quality source, you will most likely display bot accounts that can be recognized. This may result in the deletion of your video or the termination of your account. In some cases, you can even get frauds out of the money you wanted to buy and leave nothing in your wallet.

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How does Youtube count a view?

How does Youtube count a view?

YouTube videos show how many times a video has been watched. This can be an important measure of the popularity of a video. They want to make sure the videos are viewed by actual people rather than computer programs. For the first two hours after the video is published, only opinions that Their systems believe to be valid will be displayed. At this time, not all legitimate views may be displayed.

Once quality checks have been taken into account, the count updates are checked more frequently. The integration of all types of quality can take some time depending on the popularity and reputation of the video. The number of views is then updated more frequently. Note, however, that They are constantly reviewing the views, so the view counter can always be customized.
Number of frozen views

In some videos, the number of views may be frozen or not all expected views may be displayed. Video views are algorithmically validated to provide a fair and positive experience for content creators, advertisers, and users. To make sure the views are real and accurate, YouTube can temporarily slow down, freeze or adjust the number of views, and deny poor quality.
View views with YouTube Analytics

When you watch the uploaded video, you can use YouTube Analytics to track your views more closely. Note, however, that the real-time report only displays estimates of potential viewing activity and may not match the number displayed on the viewing page.

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How much money do you get for 1000 views from Youtube?

How much money do you get for 1000 views from Youtube?

This is useful because a written article or video may contain more information and users prefer to read / view it. Businesses are willing to pay high-dollar advertisers with content, including YouTube creators, to promote their product.

How much do they really do? First, let’s see how many companies they pay for product advertising and, secondly, how much YouTube pays them for advertising.

How much you pay creators for advertising your product. Of course, this varies greatly depending on your YouTube audience and marketing goals. In general, YouTubers charge approximately $ 10,000 per 100,000 page views. It’s hard to predict how many views your own video will receive. So that’s the risk the advertiser carries.

How much YouTube will charge YouTubers for the ad. As soon as YouTuber links Google AdSense to their channel, they get 68% of ad revenue (see Google AdSense revenue share). YouTube advertises advertisers when viewers see 30 seconds or more ads, and typically costs around $ 0.18 per view (see “How many ads are on YouTube”). Only about 15% of viewers are considered “paid viewpoints” as many of them are missing.

So if you have 1000 views in your video and 15% actually see the ad, you get 150 paid views. At a price of $ 0.18 per view, this is $ 27 that goes to the advertiser. As content creator, you get 68% of it, giving you an average of about $ 18 per 1000 views.


1,000 views -> 150 views of people filling an ad

$ 0.18 per view x 150 views = $ 27 calculated for the advertiser

Advertiser fees of 27 x 68% Equity = $ 18 for 1000 Views